Environmental Science

Environmental Science

Environmental Science is a Bachelor of Science degree program within the Creighton University College of Arts and Sciences.  The program provides multidisciplinary science training to prepare students for graduate and professional school studies and for employment in fields of environmental science. This program is offered through the interdepartmental Creighton Institute of Environmental Science (CIES).


Program Director:  Mary Ann Vinton
Program Office: Hixson-Lied Science Building, Room 504

Professors: Theodore Burk, Charles Harper, James Platz, J. Schalles, J.
Associate Professors: J. Ault, A. Cullum, G. Michels, G. Ramsden, J. Schrage, M.
Assistant Professors: M. Anderson

Department Description:  The Environmental Sciences Major introduces students to a wide range of integrated coursework within the natural and physical sciences. The major is aimed at providing career opportunities related to environmental issues and in providing a broad background for graduate work within the natural and physical sciences.  The major offers four distinct tracks: (1) Global Environmental Systems which explores ecological and climatological aspects of the integrated earth system, (2) Environmental Analysis and Pollution which stresses methods in detection, monitoring and abatement of pollution, (3) Organismal/Population Ecology which emphasizes biological aspects of the environment and, (4) Environmental Policy and Society which addresses historical political and sociological aspects of environmental issues.


Web Contact/Information: Additional information about this department may be found at www.creighton.edu/ccas/environmentalsciences. However, for definitive details, students are strongly encouraged to check the University's website for Bulletin changes at www.creighton.edu/Registrar.