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1.  Log in to the CU- NEST             

2.  Print your Detailed Requirements

3.  Review EXS Career Path list

4.  Print Career Path Requirements

5.  Review the 4 year Plan

6.  Print/Complete Blank Worksheet

7.  Sign up for an Advising appt

8.  Keep an electronic & hard copy



Career Path Documents are pdf format                                                                              

Accelerated Nursing Pre-Accelerated Nursing Requirements/ 4-Year Plan

Community/Corporate Fitness - Pre-C/C Fitness Requirements/ 4-Year Plan

Cardiac Rehabilitation/Clinical Exercise Physiology - Cardiac Rehab/CEP/ 4-Year Plan

Dentistry - Pre-Dentistry Requirements/ 4-Year Plan

Medicine - Pre-Medicine Requirements/ 4-Year Plan *CU Medical School

Occupational Therapy - Pre-Occupational Therapy Requirements/4-Year Plan *Creighton-OT 

Personal Training/Strength & Conditioning - Personal Tr-S&C/ 4-Year Plan

Pharmacy - Pre-Pharmacy Requirements/ 4-Year Plan

Physical Therapy - Pre-Physical Therapy Requirements/ 3 Year Plan/ 4-Year Plan *CU-PT

Physician Assistant - Pre-Physician Assistant/ 4-Year Plan

General Exercise Science Degree 4 year Plan & EXS Blank Worksheet


Note: The advising worksheets above include the current Core Requirements for Creighton University College of Arts and Sciences students.

The Creighton University Magis Common Core Curriculum is applicable for students who enrolled at Creighton University for the 2014-15 academic year or later.

Check all pertinent professional school websites for updates and more information

Fall 2015 Registration Begins April 9th for Seniors, sign up for an appointment with your major advisor to receive your specific registration time/date and your PIN #.