1.  Log in to the CU- NEST             

2.  Print your Detailed Requirements

3.  Review EXS Career Path list

4.  Print Career Path Requirements

5.  Review the 4 year Plan

6.  Print/Complete Blank Worksheet

7.  Sign up for an Advising appt

8.  Keep an electronic & hard copy



Career Path Documents are pdf format                                                                              

Magis Core Curriculum (students graduating 2018 & later)

Medicine - Pre-Medicine Requirements/ 4-Year Plan

Occupational Therapy - Pre-Occupational Therapy Requirements/ 4-Year Plan

Physical Therapy - Pre-Physical Therapy Requirements/ 4- Year Plan

Physician Assistant - Pre-Physician Assistant Requirements/ 4-Year Plan


Legacy Core Curriculum (students graduating in 2016 & 2017)

Accelerated Nursing Pre-Accelerated Nursing Requirements/ 4-Year Plan

Community/Corporate Fitness - Pre-C/C Fitness Requirements/ 4-Year Plan

Cardiac Rehabilitation/Clinical Exercise Physiology - Cardiac Rehab/CEP/ 4-Year Plan

Dentistry - Pre-Dentistry Requirements/ 4-Year Plan

Medicine - Pre-Medicine Requirements/ 4-Year Plan *CU Medical School

Occupational Therapy - Pre-Occupational Therapy Requirements/4-Year Plan *Creighton-OT 

Personal Training/Strength & Conditioning - Personal Tr-S&C/ 4-Year Plan

Pharmacy - Pre-Pharmacy Requirements/ 4-Year Plan

Physical Therapy - Pre-Physical Therapy Requirements/ 3 Year Plan/ 4-Year Plan *CU-PT

Physician Assistant - Pre-Physician Assistant/ 4-Year Plan


Legacy & Magic Core Students: These worksheets list the Exercise Science requirements & give you an idea of when you can take these courses. Please check the specific course prerequisites and course descriptions for more information.

General Exercise Science Degree 4 year Plan & EXS Blank Worksheet


Check all pertinent professional school websites for updates and more information

Spring 2016 Registration Begins Nov. 5-6th for Seniors, sign up for an appointment with your major advisor to receive your specific registration time/date and your PIN #.  Summer 2016 Registration: All students may register beginning March 31st.  Fall 2016 Registration begins March 31/April 1 for Seniors.

More Information About the EXS Major