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Magis Core Curriculum (students graduating 2018 & later)

Medicine - Pre-Medicine Requirements/ 4-Year Plan

Occupational Therapy - Pre-Occupational Therapy Requirements/ 4-Year Plan

Physical Therapy- Pre-Physical Therapy Requirements/ 4- Year Plan

Physician Assistant - Pre-Physician Assistant Requirements/ 4-Year Plan

Accelerated Nursing - Accelerated Nursing Requirements

Community/Corporate Fitness - Pre-Community/Corporate Fitness Requirements

Dentistry- Pre-Dentistry Requirements

Personal Training/Strength & Conditioning - Personal Training-S&C Requirements

Cardiac Rehabilitation/Clinical Exercise Physiology- Cardiac Rehab/CEP Requirements

These worksheets list the Exercise Science requirements & give you an idea of when you can take these courses. Please check the specific course prerequisites and course descriptions for more information and review professional school websites for admission information and updates.

General Exercise Science Degree 4 year Plan & EXS Blank Worksheet



Fall 2017 Registration:

March 30, 31 (Thur, Fri) Seniors

April 3,4 (Mon, Tue) Juniors

April 5, 6, 7 (Wed-Fri) Soph

April 10, 11 (Mon-Tue) Freshmen

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