Alumni Testimonials

Alumni Testimonials

Paul G. Thelen

1997-2002 - B.F.A. Theatre/B.A. Political Science
Interdisciplinary PhD Theatre & Drama
Northwestern University

Paul earned a BFA in Theatre from Creighton in 2002. His undergraduate thesis focused on his performance of Eddie Carbone in a production of A View from the Bridge directed by Dr. Bill Hutson. After performing in the Nebraska Theatre Caravan's national tour of A Christmas Carol, Paul was accepted into the Iowa College of Law on a full merit scholarship. After graduating with distinction from law school, he matriculated into Northwestern University's Interdisciplinary Ph.D Program in Theatre & Drama. Currently, he is a Ph.D. candidate at Northwestern. His dissertation focuses on the performance preparation and practice of litigators in American jurisprudence. Currently, Paul teaches courses in theatre theory, history and criticism and serves as an Assistant Master in the Residential College. Reflecting on his time at Creighton, Paul says,

"As an FPA student I was able to engage academically and artistically with fellow students and faculty at Creighton and with members of the Omaha community. After graduating from CU, I felt I had the tools necessary to succeed in a variety of endeavors. The keys are to work hard, ask questions, take risks, forge friendships, and 'love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art.

 "All the best, Paul"

Sugiko M. Reed, DDS

1999-2003 Undergraduate / 2003-2007 Dental School

"I have always been a firm believer in taking one "fun" class each semester--for me, Creighton University Orchestra was just that.  It was my outlet to release stress, thus becoming a vital and enjoyable part of all eight semesters of my Creighton undergraduate experience.  Its role in shaping me, was just as important as the science classes that I took to prepare me for dental school."

Sarah Stormberg

2007-2010 - B.F.A. Studio Art
Owner, Esoteric Velvet

"I selected Creighton because of it's amazing reputation for education and community involvement. I did not know that I would be majoring in fine arts. For me it was a perfect fit. The classes are smaller and the professors quickly become your mentors. I was challenged and supported by the whole art department. They helped me find internships and gain experience in several different artistic settings. I continue to keep in touch with faculty and classmates. The Creighton fine arts program has provided me with a really great network of people working in a variety of creative fields.

"I think an arts degree is a surprising challenge in work ethic. For anyone who took an art class without expectations they quickly learn how to implement and follow through on an idea. The classes are physical and mental; often laborious and on a deadline. If you can be a self starter with these skill you can do anything."

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