Requirements for HAP Major

Requirements for HAP Major

Health Issues Core Requirements (15 credit hours)

HAP 200 Introduction to Health Administration

HAP 310 Health Financing and Budgeting

SOC/ANT 418 Healthcare, Society, and Culture

HAP 515 Law and Health Systems

HAP/PLS 334 Public Policy of Health Care (or Nursing 354 Power, Policy, and Healthcare)                                                        

Management Core (9 credit hours)

ACC 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting

COM 314 Managerial Communication OR MGMT 301 Managerial Process and Organizational Behavior

HAP/PLS 331 Managing Public and Nonprofit Sectors

Two electives from this list (6 credit hours)

BIO 401 Biostatistics

COM 360 Organizational Communication and Development

HAP/COM 450 Communicating Health Narratives

HAP/SOC/ANT 317 Global Health Issues

HAP 350 Essentials of Public Health

HAP 355 Essentials of Epidemiology

COM 320 Leadership, Theories, Styles, and Skills

HAP/COM 390 Health Communication

EDP 361 Social Justice in the Dominican Republic (taught in the DR)

MGT 351 Personnel/Human Resources Management

BIA 253 Management Information Systems

MKT 319 Principles of Marketing

MTH 363 Elementary Probability and Statistics

MTH 513 Probability and Statistics in the Health Sciences

PLS/HAP 520 Statistics for Public Administration and Policy Analysis

SOC/ANT/HAP 314 Statistics for the Social Sciences

ECO 513 Health Economics

HAP/COM 477 Gendered Health Across the Lifespan

HAP/SOC/ANT 383 Cultural Epidemiology

IPE 410 Interprofessional Foundations of Patient Safety

Methodology and Quantitative Skills (3 credit hours)

HAP/SOC/ANT 314 Statistics for the Social Sciences

PLS 310 Political Science Research Methods

Topical HAP Courses (6 credit hours; HAP 400-440)

HAP 410-414 Seminar in Health Administration

HAP 420 Seminar in Health Policy

HAP/PLS 433 Public Policy Analysis

Ethics Requirement (3 credit hours)

HAP 457 Biomedical Ethics

HAP/PHL 456 Public Health Ethics

Internship (3 credit hours)

HAP 485 Internship (Second semester Juniors or Senior Year)