About History

Students majoring in history at Creighton have the opportunity to work with an experienced faculty that is able to offer an attractive variety of courses in United States, European, Latin American, African, Asian, Middle Eastern, and ancient history. Our curriculum also includes courses in some areas, such as the history of science, Irish history, Canadian history, comparative history, Native American history, and Jewish Civilization that are seldom found at universities of Creighton's size.

In addition to our traditional history major, students planning for careers that require a knowledge of international relations can choose to pursue a special history major with a concentration in international relations in which the student takes 36 hours of lower and upper division history courses.

Students majoring in another discipline who are interested in history can also take a minor in history by taking 18 hours of course work in history.

History majors and co-majors at Creighton can supplement their classroom experiences in a number of ways. Interested students are encouraged to attend and deliver papers at regional student historical conferences. Each semester a number of "public history" internships are available which give the student a supervised on-the-job experience in applying historical knowledge and methods at government and private agencies such as the Historical Division of the National Park Service, Omaha History Museum, and the Omaha City Planning Commission. The department also offers course work in historic preservation for those students interested in that field of applied history.

While the history faculty has an excellent record of involvement in research and other scholarly activities, all members of the department are dedicated to giving first priority to teaching. Upper-division history classes are small; their sizes make it possible for the faculty to give the student much more personal attention and advising than would be possible at a large university. Even the required introductory history courses are limited in size. On becoming a history major, the student is assigned an adviser of his or her choice from the history faculty.