Career Information

Career Information


Historical training can be a valuable asset in almost any career.  The ability to research a project thoroughly, analyze and interpret the evidence, assign significance to findings, and communicate results in a clear and concise manner are essential elements in the study of history.  Graduates with these skills are attractive to employers in a variety of fields and are always in high demand.

History is excellent preparation for a number of careers.  Our students have entered professional programs in law, business, medicine, education, and international relations.  Others are pursuing careers in journalism, politics, and government.   We have had students go on to serve others in the Peace Corps and the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.  Every year some of our students choose careers in teaching, some at the elementary and secondary level and others at the college level through graduate programs in history and American Studies.

In the past five years, graduates have gone on to:


o   AmeriCorps

o   Bishop Museum, Honolulu HI

o   Good Shepherd School, New Orleans LA

o   The J. Paul Getty Museum

o   Jesuit Volunteer Corps

o   MSI System Integrators

o   Magis Program

o   Millard Schools

o   National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

o   Peace Corps

o   St. Louis Schools

o   Society of Jesus

o   Teach for America

o   TD Ameritrade

o   United States Army

o   US Army Corps of Engineers


         Graduate Studies:

o   Chaminade University

o   Creighton University College of Business

o   Creighton University Graduate School

o   Creighton University School of Law

o   Creighton University, Werner Institute for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

o   George Washington University

o   Rice University

o   State University of New York - Albany

o   Tufts University, Fletcher School

o   University of Illinois at Springfield

o   University of Kansas

o   University of Kansas, School of Law

o   University of Missouri-Kansas City

o   University of Nebraska, Lincoln

o   University of Nebraska, Omaha

o   University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee