History Club

The History Club is an organization dedicated to the promotion of historical awareness throughout the Creighton community, as well as building a spirit of community among majors and people just interested in the subject. In previous years, the club sponsored History Jeopardy, a movie and pizza night featuring Thirteen Days, as well as a weekly viewing of the Ken Burns' PBS series about the Civil War. The club hopes to sponsor more events in the near future including more movie nights and more panels on the history behind the news. Membership is open to anyone. Contact one of the club officers or the moderator, Dr. Scott Eastman , to be included in the contact list.

Officers for 2012/2013


President:  Emily Wise

Vice President:  Ann Duffy

Public Relations: Drew Daiker

Treasurer:  Shane Monaghan

Recruitment: Jason Rogers

Secretary:  Katherine Koebel