History Practicum

The History Club and Phi Alpha Theta are sponsoring a project to help those who need some assistance in their history courses. We will offer whatever help is needed, including general tutoring as well as looking over essays and term papers. Although we will be more than happy to help with test preparation, our hope is that students for whom history is difficult will ask for assistance well before exams so they do not fall behind and then need an intensive "cramming" session. Also note that although some of the tutors will be able to check papers for grammatical and other language problems, we are not a writing center. However, if you need help developing an idea, thesis, or just need to know what is important in a history paper, we're the ones to come to. The History Practicum Coordinator is Dr. Elliot-Meisel.

All questions and problems with the History Practicum should be directed to Dr. Betsy Elliot-Meisel, 280-2654.