The Major

Criteria for Application to History Major

  • Successful completion of HIS 101: The Modern Western World.

The Fields of Concentration

A. History Major:

B. History Major with Specialization in International Relations:

  • History 101 and one other 100-level history course.
  • Thirty hours of upper-division history courses including History 300, 311, 312, 400, 500, and a minimum of 15 hours selected from History 319, 347, 351, 371, 375, 388, 417, 484, 489, 540, 547, 548, 562, 563, 565, 566, and 577.
  • The total of lower-division and upper-division history courses is 36 hours.

Note: Knowledge of a modern foreign language is strongly recommended for all history majors. Those majors specializing in International Relations or preparing for graduate school should go beyond the Creighton College requirement for graduation in their principal foreign language and/or begin a second language.

Go to the CCAS website to apply for a major in history.


The History Minor

For students majoring in another discipline who wish to minor in history, the history requirements are

  • History 101
  • One other 100-level history course
  • 18 hours of 300-level to 500-level history courses.

The history minor should work with a faculty member of the Department of History in planning a program of history electives.

Go to the CCAS website to declare a minor in history.