Curriculum for Honors Program

Honors students must show mastery of the six College of Arts & Sciences Learning Outcomes.  Students complete a portfolio to demonstrate the mastery of these learning outcomes. The individual Learning Plan is developed in close consultation with assigned faculty mentors. The mentoring process shapes Honors students into confident, independent learners who take active roles in their own education and expect the most of themselves.


Through their individualized Learning Plans, Honors students integrate their backgrounds and interests with the strengths and Mission of the University and the College. As a general principle, these Learning Plans include courses distributed among the areas of fine arts, foreign languages, history, literature, mathematics, natural science, philosophy, social science, and theology.


Students' Learning Plans are reviewed and approved by their faculty mentors and by the Program Director. While Honors students are expected to excel in all areas that characterize a Creighton undergraduate education, fulfillment of these goals is determined on an individual basis rather than by the more structured curricular requirements that apply to other students.