Honors Program Courses

Fall 2018 Honors Courses

HRS 100: Honors Foundation Sequence I: Beginnings of the Christian Intellectual Tradition

  • Sections A & B: Dr. Michael Romero
  • Section C: Dr. Dana Robinson

HRS 200: Honors Foundational Sequence III: The Modern World

  • Sections A & B: Dr. John Murray
  • Section C: Dr. Greg Zacharias

Sources and Methods Courses

  • The Renaissance Artist, Dr. Matthew Averett
  • Theory, Method and Art of Autoethnography, Dr. Sherianne Shuler
  • Herodotus the Ethnographer, Dr. Dana Robinson
  • Martyrs, Maidens, & Monks, Dr. Zachary Smith
  • The Greatest Benefit, Dr. Charles Brockhouse

Sources and Methods- Coming Spring 2019!

  • Opera and the Novel, Dr. Matthew Reznicek
  • Archaeology and Politics, Dr. Erin Averett
  • Stoics in Film and Literature, Dr. William Stephens
  • Geometry through the Ages, Dr. Margaret Doig
  • Religions of Late Antiquity, Dr. Dana Robinson
  • Chemistry of Brewing, Dr. James Fletcher
  • Not Lost in Translation, Dr. Leonard Greenspoon

Honors Program Course Offerings

Honors Foundational Sequence

HRS100/HFSI: Beginning of the Christian Intellectual Tradition
HRS101/HFSII: The Rise of the West
HRS200/HFSIII: The Modern World

Honors Sources and Methods Courses (SAMs)

HRS302: Research in the Writing of Poetry
HRS301: The Epistemology of Political Science
HRS303: Fuzzy Math Logic
HRS304: Noncitizens in Democratic Athens
HRS305: Intelligence - Multiple Perspectives
HRS306: Organization Learning: Finding Your Place in the World
HRS307: Writing Our Lives: Identity and Culture in Personal Writing
HRS308: The Theology of Medieval Women
HRS309: Philosophy and Economics: Method and Horizon of Discourse
HRS310: Metaphysics of Film
HRS311: Graph Theory
HRS312: Gödel, Escher, Bach
HRS313: European Literary Modernism
HRS314: This View of Life - Evolutionary Biology
HRS315: Imagination to Invention
HRS316: American Identity in the World
HRS317: European Metropolis 1900
HRS318: Animals, Persons, and Ethics
HRS319: The Psychology of Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Intergroup Conflict
HRS320: Cosmology and our Evolving Understanding of the Universe
HRS321: The Age of the Samurai
HRS322: The Catholic Church and Latin America
HRS324: Classics of Social Theory: Positivism and its Discontents
HRS325: Evolution and Human Behavior
HRS326: Gender in Classical Antiquity
HRS327: Greek Tragedy: Texts, Contexts, and Subtexts
HRS328: Critical Perspectives of Disability and Society
HRS329: In Search of the Promised Land: Religion and Place in America
HRS330: Christian and Jewish Theology after the Holocaust
HRS331: Representations of Piracy from 1600 to the present
HRS332: Thugs, Preps, and Playas: Critical approaches to Masculinities
HRS333: The Renaissance Artist
HRS334: Green Chemistry and Sustainability
HRS335: Not Lost in Translation: What goes into a Translation of the Bible and what we can take out of it
HRS336: The Theory, Method, and Art of Autoethnography
HRS337: Musicology and Difference: Gender and Sexuality in Music Scholarship
HRS338: Research in Writing Poetry
HRS339: The Age of Augustus
HRS340: Green Cultural Studies: Nature, Space and Bodies in Postmodern Culture
HRS341: History and Future of the Book
HRS342: Modeling Global Issues
HRS344: The Literature of Mysticism
HRS345: The World and Writings of St. Augustine
HRS347: Stoics in Film and Literature
HRS348: Pictures and Words: The Visual Book
HRS399: The Scottish Enlightenment
HRS400: Topics in Political Science
HRS401: American Classical Music
HRS402: Antiquity in Modern Media
HRS403: The Search for Christian Unity
HRS404: Multiculturalism
HRS497: Directed Independent Research