60 Second Lecture Series

The Honors Program Student Advisory Board is proud to present the 2013 "60 Second Lecture Series." Six professors will join students for a discussion of the fundamental element of lifeówater.

Each of the guest professors will have only 60 seconds to lecture on the topic. Afterwards, the professors will join the students in attendance for roundtable discussions of their lectures on water.

This year's 60 Second Lecture Series is scheduled for:

Thursday, November 14
7:00 PM
Skutt Ballroom

From antiquity to the present, water has been prevalent as a symbol in literature, a motif in art and a topic of debate in the geo-political sphere. These are among the topics the professors and students will discuss:

  • Dr. Leonard Greenspoon ~ The Symbolism of Water in Antiquity
  • Dr. William Stephens ~ Is Everything Made of Water?
  • Dr. John Schalles ~ The Aftermath of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
  • Dr. Erin Gross ~ The Chemistry of Water
  • Dr. Scott Hendrickson ~ Water, Politics & The Law
  • Fr. Renzo Rosales ~ Water: Sacramental Symbol, Human Right

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The Creightonian:
Lecture series educated on major issues, one mintue at a time
By Ryan Borchers
The world would be a lot simpler if complex issues could be boiled down and explained in a minute. An annual lecture series at Creighton aims to do that.
The 60-Second Lecture series is a session of lectures presented by the Honors Program that tackles controverisal and relevant issues.
"The purpose is to introduce the students and faculty audience to a particular theme that the students deem important and to have several experts from very different fields really present it in one minute," said Dr. Isabelle Cherney, director of the Honors Program. "It gives a very short but deep understanding of the theme."
The Honors Program Student Advisory Board picks a theme and then invites Creighton faculty who have insight on the issue, as well as inviting experts from the greater Omaha community to speak. After speaking, the experts sit at a table and answer questions from the audience.
This year, the series began on Sept. 25 with the topic of race in Omaha. Sarah Fredrick, Honors Program student Advisory Board president and Arts & Sciences senior, was pleased with the turnout.
"We had an awesome turnout for our first one of the semester," she said.
Cherney said the lectures are usually held whereve there is available space. The Student Center has been used frequently in the past, but the Harper Center may be its new home.
Fredrick said the next lecture topic hasn't been decided, but a possible topic is intellectual property rights. The Board hopes the next lecture will take place in early November.
Cherney said the series is a benefit to Creighton for a number of reasons. "It's also a nice way for the faculty to interact with the students - to interact with students one-on-one in a more casual way.
"I think for the students, it's kind of nice in this fast-paced type of century that we're living in ... they can hold their attention for a minute."