Honors Scholars Community

 What is the Honors Scholars Community?

The Honors Scholars Community is a collaborative new initiative presented by Academic Affairs and the Department of Residential Life.  This special community is designed to fully welcome new Honors program freshmen to Creighton University.  The goals of the Honors program include fostering a community "committed to the ongoing education of students and faculty members as fellow seekers for truth."  In addition to taking courses together, students will also live in community while participating in numerous monthly events as a group. 

Who lives in the Honors Scholars Community?

All freshman honors students are required to live in the Honors Scholars Community.

Where is the Honors Scholars Community?

The Honors Scholars Community is located on 9th floor Swanson Hall.  The floor has study lounges, a kitchen, and a multimedia display area.  All rooms are suite-style and have their own private bathroom.  Swanson Hall is in a central location on Creighton's beautiful campus. 

 The Advantages of the Honors Scholars Community...

  • Academics.  Involvement with a highly-selective, academically rigorous program. 
  • Community.  All freshman honors students live together forming friendships for a lifetime while supporting each other's studies.
  • Faculty.  The Honors Scholars Program provides more access to faculty and visiting campus speakers.

For more information on housing and the Department of Residential Life, please visit... http://www.creighton.edu/ResidenceLife.