All honors students are required to participate in a Scholarship Project in their major supervised by a faculty mentor. Students must submit an abstract to the Honors Director or Assistant Director at the beginning of the fall semester of their senior year.  All students must present their scholarship during Honors Day in the Spring semester.

Research Project Procedures
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Undergraduate Research Scholarships

Below are research opportunities for undergraduate honors students with researchers from Boys Town National Hospital and Creighton University's Biomedical Sciences. Click on the links to see the list of researchers and their projects, the skills that students will develop, and the time commitment that they expect. Contact the individual researchers directly for more information.

Creighton University Biomedical Sciences
School of Medicine Basic Science Departments

Boys Town National Hospital
Dr. Nicholas A. Smith
Dr. Mark VanDam
Dr. Sophie Ambrose

Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions
Center for Health Services Research and Patient Safety