Program Administration

The Honors Program is administered by the Director and the Assistant Director, who are advised by an Advisory Board composed of faculty appointed by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. The Student Honors Board serves as a liaison between program administrators and students and also plans activities for the honors program community. The newly appointed Academic Advisor for Pre-Health and Honors Students, in addition to assisting the Director and Assistant Director, provides academic advisement to honors students and serves as a resource for information about post-baccalaureate scholarships and fellowships.


Dr. Jeffrey Hause
Michael W. Barry Chair
Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Studies
Professor of Philosophy
office: Hitchcock 303
phone: 402.280.3581


Assistant Director
Dr. Lydia Cooper
Assistant Professor of English
office: Creighton Hall 135F
phone: 402.280.3918


  Program Coordinator
  Ms. Jolene Peterson
  College of Arts and Science
  office: HLSB G82
  phone: 402.280.2835