Faculty Board

Director: Jeffrey Hause, Professor of Philosophy and of Classical and Near Eastern Studies

Assistant Director: Lydia R. Cooper, Assistant Professor of English

  • Erin Averett, Assistant Professor of Archaeology and of Classical and Near Eastern Studies
  • Matthew Averett, Associate Professor of Art History
  • Katie Breedlove, Resident Director of Swanson Hall
  • Theodore Burk, Professor of Biology
  • Gintaras Duda, Associate Professor of Physics
  • Michael Hawkins, Assistant Professor of History
  • Brooke Kowalke, Associate Professor of English
  • Jay Leighter, Associate Professor of Communication Studies and of Environmental Science
  • Erika Moreno, Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Anne Ozar, Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Nicolae Roddy, Associate Professor of Theology
  • Ross Romero, S.J., Assistant Professor of Philosophy
  • Juliane Soukup, Professor of Chemistry and Director of CURAS
  • Eileen Wirth, Professor of Journalism
  • Greg Zacharias, Professor of English and Director of the Henry James Center

The student members are Austin Spillane, senior, and Daniel Poston, junior.