Presenters (copy 1)


Sunday, October 26 and Monday October 27, 2008


Penina Adelman

Brandeis University


'Who am I Supposed to Be?': The Bat Mitzvah as a Transformative Ritual

Leslie Ginsparg

New York University


Becoming Orthodox Women: Rites of Passage in the Orthodox Community

Irit Koren 

Rutgers University


Discourse About the Wedding Ritual: Hierarchies of Gender, Knowledge, and Authority

Rachel Kranson

New York University

'More Bar Than Mitzvah': Anxieties Over Wedding and Bar Mitzvah Celebrations in Post-War America


Daniel Lasker

Ben Gurion University

Karaism: An Alternate Form of Jewish Celebration

Oliver Leaman

University of Kentucky


New Jewish Rites of Passage and the Holocaust


The  Mandall Family and Jerrold Hirsch

Kirksville, MO


Without a Minyan: Adjusting to Jewish Life in a Small Midwestern Town


Erika Meitner

Virginia Tech

Materializing New Jewish Ritual: Jews with Jewish Tattoos

Vanessa Ochs

University of Virginia

Same-Sex and Heterosexual Jewish Wedding Ceremonies in Conversation With Each Other


Steven Puzarne


Nes Gadol: B'nei Mitzvah Program for Children with Autism

Ori Soltes

Georgetown University

Memory, Questions, and Definitions: Images of Old and New Rites of Passage

Arthur Waskow

The Shalom Center

'Lest the Earth be Utterly Destroyed': Elijah's Covenant Between the Generations