"Food and Judaism"

Sunday, October 27-Monday, October 28th
Omaha, Nebraska

Featured Speakers

Ruth Abusch-Magder, Yale University
"Kashrut: Women as Gatekeepers of Jewish Identity"

Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus, Wheaton College, Mass.
"Does God Care What We Eat?"
"Food and Table Talk in the Early Rabbinic Seder and the Last Supper in Luke's Gospel"

Cara De Silva, New York, New York
"In Memory's Kitchen: Reflections on Recently Discovered Forms of Holocaust Literature"

Maria Diemling, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
"Garlic in Jewish-Christian Polemical Discourse in Early Modern Ashkenaz"

Marcie Cohen Ferris, George Washington University
"Matzah Ball Gumbo, Gasper Goo Gefilte Fish, and Big Momma's Kreplach: Exploring Southern Jewish Foodways"

Joel Hecker, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
"The Blessing in the Belly: Mystical Meals in Medieval Kabbalah"

Eve Jochnowitz, New York University
"Smoked Salmon Sushi and Sturgeon Stomachs: The Russian Jewish Foodscapes of New York"

Jenna Weissman Joselit, Princeton University
"Jewish in Dishes: Food, Faith, and Community in Modern America"

David Kraemer, Jewish Theological Seminary of America
"Separating the Dishes"

Allan Nadler, Drew University
"Holy Kugel! The Sanctification of East European Jewish Ethnic Foods at the Hasidic Tish"

Alice Nakhimovsky, Colgate University
"Public Holidays and Private Foods: The Fugitive World of Russian-Jewish Cooking"

Joan Nathan, New York, New York
Keynote address: "From Beans to Bagels: A Social History of Jewish Food in America"

Oliver B. Pollak, University of Nebraska at Omaha
"101 Years of Nebraska Jewish Charitable Cookbooks"

Gary A. Rendsburg, Cornell University
"The Vegetarian Ideal in the Bible"

Brannon Wheeler, University of Washington
"Food of the Book or Food of Israel? Israelite and Jewish Food Laws in the Muslim Exegesis of Quran 9:30"