Volume 1:

Eretz Israel, Israel, and the Jewish Diaspora: Mutual Relations

Jonathan A. Goldstein, "The Message of Aristeas to Philocrates: In the Second Century BCE, Obey the Torah, Venerate the Temple of Jerusalem, But Speak Greek and Put Your Hopes in the Ptolemaic Dynasty"

Aryeh Kasher, "Political and National Connections Between the Jews of Ptolemaic Egypt and Their Brethren in Eretz Israel"

Barry Walfish, "The Mourners of Zion ['Avelei Siyyon]: A Karaite Aliyah Movement of the Early Arab Period"

Arnold Blumberg, "Czar Nicholas I and Jewish Pilgrimage to Palestine, 1838-1855"

Derek Penslar, "Subject/Object: The Relationship Between European and Palestinian Jewry in the Nineteenth Century"

Yaacov Goldstein, "The Settlement Ethos in Jewish and Zionist Thought"

Philip M. Klutznick, "The Relations Between Diaspora Jewry and the State of Israel, 1948-1988: An American Jewish Leader's Perspective"

Shlomo Yotvat, "London, Washington, and Jerusalem: The Zionist Movement and the Shifting Centers of Power, 1921-1948"

Thomas A. Kolsky, "The American Council for Judaism's Opposition to Zionism, 1942-1948: An Assessment"

Jonathan Rosenbaum, "Rabbinic Repartee: Rabbi Tsvi Hirsch Grodzinsky of Omaha and the Land of Israel"

Dalia Ofer, "Aliyah (Immigration to Palestine) and Rescue During the Holocaust"

Samuel A. Klausner, "Diaspora in Comparative Perspective"

Yosef Gorney, "David Ben-Gurion: From the Zionist Movement to the Jewish People"

Edward Bernard Glick, "America, Israel, and American Jews: The Triangular Connection Revisited"