Volume 10:

Sacred Text, Secular Times: The Hebrew Bible in the Modern World

Frederick Greenspahn, "Does Judaism Have a Bible?"

Andrew Skinner, "The Influence of the Hebrew Bible on the Founders of the American Republic"

Doris L. Bergen, "Old Testament, New Hatreds: The Hebrew Bible and Antisemitism in
    Nazi Germany"

J. Richard Middleton, "Creation Founded in Love: Breaking Rhetorical Expectations
    in Genesis 1:1-2:3"

Eugene V. Gallagher, "'Not Yours, But Ours': Transformations of the Hebrew Bible in New
    Religious Movements"

Lesleigh Cushing, "The Missing Missus"

Brian S. Hook and R. R. Reno, "Abraham and the Problems of Modern Heroism"

Ori Z. Soltes, "The Bible and Art at the End of the Millennium: Words, Ideas, and Images"

Susanne Scholz, "Retrospecting Rape in Christian Commentaries of Genesis 34 and Forensic
    Medical Textbooks from Nineteenth-Century Germany"

Mark McEntire, "Surviving Genesis: Dangerous Worlds Both Narrative and Real"

Helen Leneman, "Portrayals of Power in the Stories of Delilah and Bathsheba: Seduction in Song"

Harris Lenowitz, "Shukr Kuhayl II Reads the Bible"

Miguel A. DeLa Torre, "Miami and the Babylonian Captivity"

Archie C. C. Lee, "Weaving a Humanistic Vision: Reading the Hebrew Bible in Asian
    Religio-Cultural Context"