Volume 12:

Millennialism from the Hebrew Bible to the Present

Edited by Leonard J. Greenspoon and Ronald A. Simkins. Omaha: Creighton University Press, 2002.

Catherine Wessinger, "Understanding Peaceful and Violent Contemporary Millennial

W. Michael Ashcraft, "The Dawn of the New Cycle: Millennial Hopes and Pedagogical Realities"

Yaakov Ariel, "Where the End Times Begin: Jerusalem and the Millennial Vision of
    Evangelical Christians"

James D. Tabor, "Apocalyptic Schemes and Dreams: How an Ancient Jewish Vision of the
    Future Came to Dominate the Modern World"

Seth Ward, "'Teach Us to Number Our Days': The Elusive Epoch in Muslim, Jewish, and
    Christian Calendars"

Matthew Goff, "Antichrist and His Predecessors: The Incorporation of Jewish Traditions of Evil
    into Christian End-Time Scenarios"

Richard A. Freund, "The Apocalypse According to the Rabbis: Divergent Rabbinic Views on the
    End of Days"

David E. Timmer, "The New-World Pilgrimage of the Church: Millennial Hopes and
    Disappointments in the Franciscan Mission to New Spain"

Derek Daschke, "Mourning the End of Time: Apocalypses As Texts of Cultural Loss"

Eugene V. Gallagher, "A Borrowed Apocalypse: Reading the Book of Revelation in New
    Religious Movements"

Jerome F. Shapiro, "Atomic Bomb Cinema: Judaism, the Apocalyptic Narrative Tradition, and
    Western Culture at the Dawn of the New Millennium"

Brenda E. Brasher, "The End of the World and The X-Files: The Dismemberment of Christian
    Millennialism in American Mass-Mediated Entertainment"