Volume 13:

Spiritual Dimensions of Judaism

Edited by Leonard J. Greenspoon and Ronald A. Simkins. Omaha: Creighton University Press, 2003.

Hava Tirosh-Samuelson: "Jewish Spirituality: Past Models and Present Quest"

Jerome (Yehuda) Gellman: "The Meaning of the Aqedah [Binding of Isaac] for Jewish Spirituality"

Charles D. Isbell: "Micah 6:1-8"

Steven D. Sacks: "Between Simeon's Pillars: Religions Prioritization Between Ethics and Torah in Avot de-Rabbi Natan"

Zion Zohar: "Spirituality, Kavannah, and Ethics: Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World"

Morris M. Faierstein: "From Kabbalist to Zaddik: R. Isaac Luria as Precursor of the Baal Shem Tov"

Ori Z. Soltes: "Spirituality into a New Millennium: Mysticism in Jewish Art"

Thomas A. Kuhlman: "Elements of Spirituality in the Architecture of American Synagogues, 1763-2000"

Martin H. Shukert: "Designing for God: Personal Reflections on Designing a Synagogue"

Jenni L. Schlossman: "Visual Art as a Pathway to Prayer and Meditation"

Charles D. Isbell: "Some 'Earthy' Dimensions of the Spiritual in Jewish Liturgy"

Rela Mintz Geffen, "Birth, Midlife, Menopause: Rites of Passage as Expressions of Spirituality in Contemporary American Judaism"