Volume 14:

Women and Judaism

Edited by Leonard J. Greenspoon, Ronald A. Simkins, and Jean Axelrad Cahan. Omaha: Creighton University Press, 2003.

Susan A. Brayford: "The Demostication of Sarah: From Jewish Matriarch to Hellenistic Matron"

Charles David Isbell: "Nice Jewish Girls: Liquor, Sex, and Power in Antiquity"

Sidnie White Crawford: "Traditions about Miriam in the Qumran Scrolls"

Marjorie Lehman: "Women and Passover Observance: Reconsidering Gender in the Study of Rabbinic Texts"

Jayne K. Guberman: "Weaving Women's Words: Gendered Oral Histories for the Study of American Jewish Women"

Part 2: Arts and Literature

S. Daniel Breslauer: "Stories and Subversion"

Henry Abramson: "A Derivative Hatred: Images of Jewish Women in Modern Anti-Semitic Caricature"

Dan W. Clanton, Jr.: "Judy in Disguise: D.W. Griffith's Judith of Bethulia"

Reina Rutlinger-Reiner: "Creative Expressions of Resistance: Original Theater of Orthodox Israeli Women"

Ori Z. Soltes: "Fixing It and Fitting In: Contemporary Jewish American Women Artists"

Gail Twersky Reimer: "Women on the Wall"

Part 3: History and Criticism

Esther Fuchs: "Jewish Feminist Scholarship" A Critical Perspective"

Morris M. Faierstein: "Women as Prophets and Visinoaries in Medieval and Early Modern Judaism"

Keren R. McGinity: "Immigrant Jewish Women Who Married Out"

Karla Goldman: "Finding Women in the Sotry of American and Omaha Reform Judaism"