Volume 15:

Food & Judaism

Edited by Leonard J. Greenspoon, Ronald A. Simkins, and Gerald Shapiro. Omaha: Creighton University Press, 2005.

Joan Nathan: "A Social History of Jewish Food in America"

Eve Jochnowitz: "Smoked Salmon Sushi and Sturgeon Stomachs: The Russian Jewish Foodscapes of New York"

Ori Z. Soltes: "The Art of Jewish Food"

Marcie Cohen Ferris: "Exploring Southern Jewish Foodways"

S. Daniel Brewslauer: "The Vegeterian Alternative: Biblical Adumbrations, Modern Reverberations"

Cara De Silva: "In Memory's Kitchen: Reflections on a Recently Discovered Form of Holocaust Literature"

Jonathan D. Brumberg-Kraus: "Does God Care What We Eat? Jewish Theologies of Food and Reverence for Life"

Oliver B. Pollak: "Nebraska Jewish Charitable Cookbooks, 1901-2002"

Alice Stone Nakhimovsky: "Public and Private in the Kitchen: Eating Jewish in the Soviet State"

Ruth Ann Abusch-Magder: "Kashrut: The Possibility and Limits of Women's Domestic Power"

Allan Nadler: "Holy Kugel: The Sanctification of Ashkenazic Ethnic Foods in Hasidism"

Maria Diemling: "'As the Jews Like to Eat Garlick': Garlic in Christian-Jewish Polemical Discourse in Early Modern Germany"

David Kraemer: "Separating the Dishes: The History of a Jewish Eating Practice"

Joel Hecker: "The Blessing in the Belly: Mystical Satiation in Medieval Kabbalah"

Brannon Wheeler: "Food of the Book or Food of Israel? Israelite and Jewish Food Laws in the Muslim Exegesis of Quran 3:93"

Jonathan D. Brumberg-Kraus: "Meals as Midrash: A Survey of Ancient Meals in Jewish Studies Scholarship"

Gary A. Rendsburg: "The Vegetarian Ideal in the Bible"

Jenna Weissman Joselit: "Food Fight: The Americanization of Kashrut in Twentieth-Century America"