Volume 16:

The Jews of Eastern Europe

Edited by Leonard J. Greenspoon, Ronald A. Simkins, and Brian J. Horowitz. Omaha: Creighton University Press, 2005.

Abraham Greenbaum: "The Russian Rabbinate under the Czars"

Brian Horowitz: "The Image of Russian Jews in Russian-Jewish Historiography, 1860-1914"

Seth L. Wolitz: "The Ashkenazic Gaze: Creating the Jewish Art Book"

Alina Orlov: "Beyond 'Jewish Luck': The Institutional Context of Early Russian-Jewish Art"

Elizabeth Loentz: "Karl Emil Franzos and Bertha Papenheim's Portraits of the (Eastern European Jewish) Artists"

Susan M. Filler: "The Politics and Priorities of Jewish Music Publishing in Eastern Europe"

Richard S. Esbenshade: "The Radical Assimilated: Hungarian 'Urbanists' and Jewish Identity in the 1930s"

Theodore R. Weeks: "The Transformation of Jewish Vilna, 1881-1939"

Gary Rosenshield: "Russian Literature and Jewish Death"

Jeffrey Veidlinger: "'...even beyond Pinsk': Yizke Bikher [Memorial Books] and Jewish Cultural Life in the Shtetl"

Harriet Murav: "New Jews: David Bergelson and Birobidzhan"

Andrey Bredstein: "Nokhem-Meyer Shaykevitsch: Another Classic of Yiddish Theater"

John D. Klier: "From 'Little Man' to 'Milkman': Does Jewish Art Reflect Jewish Life?"

Rebecca Kobrin: "The Politics of Philanthropy: Migration, Emigration, and the Transformation of Jewish Communal Governance in Bialystok, 1885-1939"

Eliyana R. Adler: "Enlightened Self-Interest: The Men and Women Who Opened Schools for Jewish Girls in Late Imperial Russia"

Joshua Shanes: "The Transformation of Zionist Religious Rhetoric as Seen Through Its Yiddish-Language Propaganda: The Case of Galicia"

Abraham P. Socher: "Aristotle & the Ostjuden: Philosophical Thought Among the first Generations of Eastern European Maskilim"

Howard Lupovitch: "Searching for 'Catholic Israel' in Focsani: Solomon Schechter's Childhood in Romania"

Zev Garber: "Language Violence: Auschwitz Convent Controversy"

Steven Weiland: "Coming into Their Inheritance: Jewish-American Autobiographers Encounter Eastern Europe"