Volume 17:

American Judaism in Popular Culture

Edited by Leonard J. Greenspoon and Ronald A. Simkins. Omaha: Creighton University Press, 2006.

Jenna Weissman Joselit: "'Harness My Zebras': American Jews and the Pursuit of Pleasure"

Lawrence Baron: "Picturing Prejudice in Hollywood's First Films about Anti-Semitism"

Steven Alan Carr: "Hollywood, the Holocaust, and World War II"

G. Andrew Tooze: "David of Hollywood: Israelite King or American Superhero"

Lynn Rapaport: "'Hang Hitler!'--The Three Stooges Take Potshots at Nazis"

Thomas A. Kuhlman: "A Passion for Words for the Witty: S. J. Perelman, Jewish-American Satirist"

Ben Furnish: "From Sholem Aleichem to Harvey Fierstein and Wendy Wasserstein: Love Makes a Family--and History--in Jewish-American Performance"

Nora L. Rubel: "'Muggers in black Coats': The Alleged Hijacking of American Judaism"

Jeffrey S. Gurock: "The Crowning of a 'Jewish Jordan': Tamir Goodman, the American Sports Media, and Modern Orthodox Jewry's Fantasy World"

Judith S. Neulander: "Tchotchkes: A Study of Popular Culture in Tangible Form"

Dan W. Clanton, Jr.: "From Mr. Hankey to The Hebrew Hammer: Hanukkah in Pop Culture"

Steven Horowitz: "Absolutely Kosher Music: The Story of American Jews in Rock and Roll"

Dereck Daschke: "'Oh Mama, Could This Really Be the End?' The Apocalyptic Bob Dylan"

Leonard J. Greenspoon: "Not Always a Laughing Matter: Jews and Judaism in the Comic Strips"