Volume 18

Love-Ideal and Real-in the Jewish Tradition from the Hebrew Bible to Modern Times

Edited by Leonard J. Greenspoon, Ronald A. Simkins, and Jean Cahan. Omaha: Creighton University Press, 2008.

Lawrence H. Schiffman: “Commandement or Emotion? Love of God, Family and Humanity in Classical Judaism”

Daniel J. Lasker: “Can Jewish Philosophers Love God?”

Alisha Pomazon: “Love of the Neighbor: Hermann Cohen’s Response to Nineteenth Century Biblical Exegesis”

Phillip B. Muñoa III: “Love at First Sight: Aseneth’s Love for Joseph in Joseph and Aseneth

Keren R. McGinity: “Were Women Who Intermarried Still Jewish? A Twentieth Century History of Identity in America”

Charles David Isbell: “Love in the Palace”

Panthea Reid:  “From Osipovichi to Omaha: Sources behind Tillie Lerner Olsen’s ‘Tell Me a Riddle’”

Susan A. Brayford:  “What’s Love Got To Do With It? Love in the Beginning”

Oliver Leaman:  “Love in the Bible: The Song of Songs”

Gail Labovitz:  “Is Rav’s Wife ‘a Dish’?  Food and Eating Metaphors in Rabbinic Discourse of Sexuality and Gender Relations”

Joel Hecker:  “Hierarchy, Reciprocity, and Equality”