Volume 19:

I Will Sing and Make Music: Jewish Music and Musicians Throughout the Ages

Edited by Leonard J. Greenspoon. Omaha: Creighton University Press, 2008.

Joshua R. Jacobson: "Jewish Music: What Is That?"

Charles David Isbell: “The Musical Notations in the Book of Psalms”

Charles Jurgensmeier: “Salomon Sulzer and Franz Schubert: A Musical Collaboration”

Paula Eisentein Baker: “Composing Art Music Based on Jewish Musical Material”

Emily A. Bell: “Revitalizing the Synagogue Ritual: Cantor David Putterman's Annual Service of New Music at New York's Park Avenue Synagogue”

Helen Leneman: “From Scroll to Stage: The Story of Ruth in Cantillation and Opera”

Dan W. Clanton, Jr.:  “'From Biblical Time to Lyrical Rhymes': The Assertion of Jewish Identity in Music as Cultural Resistance’”

Marsha Bryan Edelman:  “'What Do You Mean, It Doesn't Sound Jewish?' Debunking Myths and Defining Models for Extra-Liturgical Music”

Daniel Jutte:  “Jewish Music and Public Space: Preliminary Notes and Perspectives Toward a History of Jewish Musicians and Dancing Masters in Renaissance Italy”

Theodore Albrecht:  “Beethoven's Quotation of Kol Nidrei in His String Quartet, Op. 131: A Circumstantial Case for  Sherlock Holmes”

Susan M. Filler:  “The Music of Yiddish Theater and its Influence on Broadway”

Joel E. Rubin:  "'They Danced It, We Played It": Adaptation and Revitalization in Post-1920s New York Klezmer Music"

Rita Ottens:  "'Permanently with Auschwitz in the back of my mind": The Legacy of National Socialism in the Yiddish Music of the GDR"

Anat Feinberg: "To Play or Not to Play: Jewish Musicians in Post-War Germany"

Jonathan Gross:  "Make a Note of It: The Use of Ta'amei HaMikra in Biblical Commentary"

Wendy Shermet:  "The History of the Cantorate"