Volume 2:

Jewish Assimilation, Acculturation,and Accommodation: Past Traditions, Current Issues and Future Prospects

Uriel Rappaport, "The Hellenization of the Hasmoneans"

Shaye J. D. Cohen, "Was Judaism in Antiquity a Missionary Religion?"

Louis Feldman, "Was Judaism a Missionary Religion in Ancient Times?"

Steven Bowman, "From Hellenization to Graecization: The Byzantine-Jewish Synthesis"

Kenneth Stow, "Sanctity and the Construction of Space: The Roman Ghetto as Sacred Space"

Gordon Bronitzky, "Solomon Bibo: Indians and Jews at Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico"

Deborah Hertz, "Female Converts in Germany, 1600-1750"

Susannah Herschel, "Abraham Geiger on the Origins of Christianity: Wissenschaft Vom
    Judentum as a Strategy for and Against Assimilation"

Gerda Schmidt, "Martin Buber's Perception of the Religious and Ethnic Components of German
    Turn-of-the-Century Jewry"

Sylvia Abrams, "Policies Towards Communal Integration of Jewish Immigrants of the Holocaust
    in the United States During 1942-49"

Gershon Greenberg, "The Orthodox Refugee Perception of Assimilation in America, 1939-1948"

Michael Lawler, "Jewish-Christian Marriages: A Catholic Approach"

Paul A. Spickard, "The Changing Status of Children of Jewish Intermarriage in the United States"

Gerald L. Showstack, ""Suburban Sketches: Profiles of American Reform Jews"

Gary P. Williams, "Types of Sacred Commitment in a Jewish Community: Their Sources and
    Functional Implications"

Mervin Verbit, "Content and Company: Jewish Identity and Choice of Friends Among Jewish
    Univeristy Students"

Samuel A. Klausner, "Assimilation as Social Death"

David Gordis, Gerald Showstack, and Mervin Verbit, "Judaism in the 21st Century"