Volume 20:

The Mountains Shall Drip Wine: Jews and the Environment

Edited by Leonard J. Greenspoon. Omaha: Creighton University Press, 2009.

Dean Phillip Bell: "The Trembling of the Earth: Jewish Descriptions of Earthquakes in the Early Modern World"

Ellen Bernstein: “Creation Theology Isn't Creationism--and Why This Is Good News for the Jews”

Jonathon Brumberg-Kraus: “Kabbalah, Food, and Sustainability”

Philip Hollander: “Ideology and Changing Attitudes toward the Environment inTwo Israeli Films: Sallah Shabbati and James' Journey to Jerusalem

Barbara Lerman-Golomb: “Reconnecting with Nature to Sustain Ourselves”

Sandra B. Lubarsky: “Toward a Theology of Beauty: Hiddur Mitzvah as an Eco-theological Imperative”

Natan Margalit:  “'Naturally Thinking: Judaism, Modes of Thought, and the Environment”

Gary A. Rendsburg:  “'From Desert to the Sown: Israel's Encounter with the Land of Canaan”

Martin H. Shukert:  “Green Judaism and the Design of Communities: A Practitioner's View”

Jonah Chanan Steinberg:  “Classical Rabbinic Steps toward a Theology of Environmental Torah”

Alon Tal:  “What's Jewish about Jewish Environmentalism?”

Lawrence Troster:  "The Promise of Creation: A Jewish Environmental Theology of Redemption"