Volume 3:

Jewish Sects, Religious Movements, and Political Parties

Ernest Boyd Whaley, "Josephus' Antiquities 11.297-347: Unraveling the Evidence Regarding
    the Founding of the Gerizim Temple and the Background of the Samaritan Religious

Louis H. Feldman, "Josephus' Attitude toward the Samaritans: A Study in Ambivalence"

Benyamin Tsedaka, "Samaritanism: Judaism or Another Religion?"

Richard A. Freund, "Jewish-Christian Sects and the Jewish-Christian Debate"

Steven M. Wasserstrom, "Who Were the Jewish Sectarians Under Early Islam?"

Jacob Barnai, "The Sabbatean Movement in Smyrna: The Social Background"

Erich E. Haberer, "Haskalah and the Roots of Jewish Radicalism in Nineteenth-Century Russia"

Chaim Schatzker, "The Jewish Youth Movements as an Historical Phenomenon"

Gershon Greenberg, "The Sect of Catastrophe: Mahane Israel-Lubavitch, 1940-1945"

Rela Geffen Monson, "Intersecting Spheres: Feminism and Orthodox Judaism"

Stuart Schoenfeld, "Interpreting Adult Bat Mitzvah: The Limits and Potential of Feminism
    in a Congregational Setting"

G. Philip Points, "Halakah and Holocaust Theology: Perspectives on Power"

Joel. D. Gereboff, "To Be a Part Of, Not Apart From, America: American Reform Judaism
    and Social Justice"

Morris S. Gorelik, "The Status of the Non-Sabbath Observer: The Rabbinic Response to

Mervin F. Verbit, "Images of the Movements: Perceptions of American Jewish University

Sondra M. Rubenstein, "Factions Within a Faction: Israel's Communist Movement"

Yaacov Goldstein, "Roots of the Ideological-Political Controversy Between the Right
    and the Left in Israel"

Gary S. Schiff, "Integration and Segregation: The Development of Diverse Trends in Israeli
    Religious Political Parties"

Alan Dowty, "Religious-Secular Accommodation in Israeli Politics"

Joseph, R. Rosenbloom, et al., "American Jewry: One or Many Judaisms?"