Volume 4:

International Perspectives on Church and State

Bette Novit Evans, "The Free Exercise of Religion"

Daniel G. Gibbens, "Are We a Christian Nation? The U.S. Supreme Court Response"

Sondra Miller Rubenstein, "Through the Back Door: Religion in America"

Dena S. Davis, "Religion in the Public Arena: Black Political Leaders and Jewish Voters"

Richard V. Pierard, "The Historical Background of the Evangelical Assault on the Separation
    of Church and State in the USA"

Kenneth Lasson, "Religious Liberty in the Military: The First Amendment Under 'Friendly Fire'"

Gregg Ivers, "The Political Organization of American Jewry, 1906-1947"

Michael Scott Feeley, "State Aid to Sectarian Schools in the United States and Israel:
    A Comparative Historical Analysis"

Richard F. Duncan, "The Impact of Smith on Free Exercise Issues Concerning Education"

Richard Collin Mangrum, "Religious Freedom in the Public Schools"

Stephen R. Haynes, "Krisis and Kairos: An International Case Study Perspective on Teaching
    Issues of Church and State"

David F. Forte, "Religious Toleration in Classical Islam"

Izhak Englard, "The Conflict Between State and Religion in Israel: Its Ideological Background"

Asher Maoz, "State and Religion in Israel"

Chaim Schatzker, "The Educational Policy Towards Jews in Imperial Germany"

Daniel R. Borg, "German National Protestantism as a Civil Religion"

Rodney K. Smith, "Church and State in Poland: Clericalism or the Celebration of Conscience"

Allen Shepherd, "Church-State Relations in Hungary, 1945-1991"

Steven P. Horowitz, "Goulash Judaism: The Situation of Postwar Hungarian Jewry"

Gregory L. Bruess, "Religious Toleration in the Reign of Catherine the Great"

Gregg Ivers, "The Supreme Court and Religious Free Exercise"

Erwin Chermerinsky, "The Crumbling Wall Between Church and State"