Volume 5:

Religion in the Age of Exploration: The Case of Spain and New Spain

Rochelle L. Millen, "Abravanel's Concept of Monarchy"

Renée Levine Melammed, "Judaizing Women in Castile: A Look at Their Lives Before and After

Lewis A. Tambs, "Expulsion of the Jewish Community from the Spains, 1492"

Hector Avalos, "Columbus as Biblical Exegete: A Study of the Libro de las profecías

Jonathan D. Sarna, "The Mythical Jewish Columbus and the History of America's Jews"

Dale Stover, "The Other Side of the Story: Indigenous Interpretation of Contact with Europeans"

Gordon Bronitsky, "Catholic Exploration in the Pueblo World"

Gerson Greenberg, "American Indians, Ten Lost Tribes Christian Eschatology"

Yitzchak Kerem, "Religious Conflicts Between Sephardic and Christian Settlers in 17th and 18th
    Century North America"