Volume 6:

Crisis and Reaction: The Hero in Jewish History

Sandra R. Shimoff, "The Rabbinic Definition of the Hero"

Richard A. Freund, "Alexander Macedon and Antoninus: Two Graeco-Roman Heroes of the

Shoshanna Gershenzon and Jane Litman, "The Bloody 'Hands of Compassionate Women':
    Portrayals of Heroic Women in the Hebrew Crusade Chronicles"

Ira Robinson, "The Zaddik as Hero in Hasidic Hagiography"

Joel Gereboff, "Heroes and History in American Jewish Education"

Oliver B. Pollak, "The Education of Henry Monsky, Omaha's American Jewish Hero"

James Warnock, "'Early Years': The Recollections of Colonel Solomon Fink"

William Toll, "The Feminization of the Heroic: Ethel Feineman and Professional Nature"

Judith Tydor Baumel, "The Jewish Heroine During the Holocaust"

Yitchak Kerem, "Forgotten Heroes: Greek Jewry in the Holocaust"

Paul A. Levine, "Raoul Wallenberg in Budapest: Modern Jewry's Ultimate Hero"

Yechiam Weitz, "Was Israel Kastner a Hero? Israel Kastner and the Problematics of Rescuing
    Hungarian Jewry During the Holocaust"

Asher Maoz, "Kastner: Trial and Assassination"

Jacob Markovizky, "The Forgotten Alliance: American Volunteers in the Israeli War of

David M. Crowe, "The Holocaust Survivor and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum"