Volume 7:

Pilgrims and Travelers to the Holy Land

Francis E. Peters, "Holy and Haram: The Limits of Sacred Real Estate"

Thomas A. Idinopulos, "Sacred Space and Profane Power: Victor Turner and the Perspective
    of Holy Land Pilgrimage"

Amikam Elad, "Pilgrims and Pilgrimage to Hebron (al-Khalil) During the Early Muslim Period

Yehoshua Frenkel, "Muslim Pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the Mamluk Period"

Roger Friedland and Richard D. Hecht, "The Pilgrimage to Nebi Musa and the Origins of
    Palestian Nationalism"

Thomas Renna, "Jerusalem in Late Medieval Itineraria"

Benjamin Braude, "Mandeville's Jews Among Others"

Kristine T. Utterback, "The Vision Becomes Reality: Medieval Women Pilgrims to the Holy Land"

Dorothea R. French, "Pilgrimage, Ritual, and Power Strategies: Felix Fabri's Pilgrimage
    to Jerusalem in 1483"

Cathy Gutierrez, "Representation and Ideals: The Construction of Women in Travel Literature
    to the Holy Land"

Barbara Kreiger, "Clorinda Minor, from Pilgrim to Pioneer"

Edward L. Queen, II, "Ambiguous Pilgrims: American Protestant Travelers to Ottoman
    Palestine, 1867-1914"

Andrew C. Skinner, "Nineteenth-Century Mormon Pilgrimages to the Holy Land"

Lester I. Vogel, "Staying Home for the Sights: Surrogate Destinations in America for Holy
    Land Travel"

Gandhimohan Viswanathan, "Bahá'í Pilgrimage to Israel"