Volume 8:

Representations of Jews Through the Ages

Thomas Idinopulos, "Next Year in Jerusalem: Ritual Memory for Ancient Jews and Modern

Marc Singer, "Jewish Identity/American Identity: Self-Representation, Anti-Semitism,
    and the American Hebrew"

Kerri Steinberg, "From Stereotype to Archetype: Demystifying American Jewish Identity in the Photographic
    Campaigns of the United Jewish Appeal"

Pamela A. Cohen, "George Segal's Holocaust Memorial"

S. Lillian Kremer, "Shifting Perspectives of the Jew in Twentieth-Century American Literature"

Davida J. Alperin, "Representations of Jews in the Discourse Surrounding Black-Jewish Relations"

Yoram Lubling, "Woody Allen and the Image of the Contemporary American Jew"

David Porush, "Jews Don't Hitch: The American Religion in Northern Exposure"

Izaly Zemtsovsky, "Jewish Music: Values from Within Versus Values from Without"

Gordon R. Mork, "'Wicked Jews' and 'Suffering Christians' in the Oberammergau Passion Play"

Regine Rosenthal, "Inventing the Other: Ambivalent Constructions of the Wandering Jew/ess in
    Nineteenth Century American Literature"

Greg Zacharias, "The Idea of the Jew in Henry James' Novels"

Russel Lemmons, "Hans Schweitzer's Anti-Semitic Caricatures: The Weimar Years, 1926-1933"

John Calvert, "Radical Islamism and the Jews: The View of Sayyid Qutb"

Richard S. Levy, "A Lie and a Libel: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in Recent History"