Volume 9:

Yiddish Language and Culture: Then and Now

David A. Roskies, "Yiddish in the Twentieth Century: A Literature of Anger and Homecoming"

Ori Z. Soltes, "Language, Art and Identity: Yiddish in Art from Chagall to Shalom of Safed"

Rick Kuhn, "Organizing Yiddish-Speaking Workers in Pre-World War I Galacia: The Jewish
    Social Democratic Party"

Cecile E. Kuznitz, "On the Jewish Street: Yiddish Culture and Urban Landscape in Interwar Years"

Vassili Schedrin, "Equation of GOSET: History of Yiddish Theater in the USSR"

Edna Nahshon, "Radical Politics, Radical Art: The Case of the Artef"

Oliver Pollak and Leo Greenbaum, "The Yiddish Theater in Omaha, 1919-1969"

Miriam Isaacs, "Yiddish 'Then and Now': Creative in Contemporary Hasidic Yiddish"

Marilyn Halter, "Longings and Belongings: Yiddish Identity and Consumer Culture"

Kathryn Hellerstein, "The Metamorphosis of the Matriarchs in Modern Yiddish Poetry"

Theodore Weinberger, "Yiddish Literature as Secular Jewish Scripture: The World of
    Irving Howe"

S. Lillian Kremer, "Reflections of Yiddish Archetypes in Jewish American Literature: Fiction
    by Saul Bellow and Bernard Malamud"

Richard A. Freund, "A Theology of Yiddish Prayer: Yiddish as a Creative Lashon HaQodesh
   (Holy Language)

Leonard J. Greenspoon, "Bringing Home the Gospel: Yiddish Bibles, Bible Societies,
    and the Jews"

Halina Rothstein and Robert A. Rothstein, "Food in Yiddish and Slavic Folk Culture:
    A Comparative/Contrastive View"