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Deutsch Na Klar. Online-Resources:

  1. Deutsch Na Klar support page - Beginning German I and II
  2. Publisher's Textbook audio.
  3. Publisher's workbook Lab Audio files

STATIONEN Textbook, student can use this link for additional resources.

Vorsprung links:

  1. Publisher's Vorsprung page. Interactive ACE exercises for free. Navigate on left (ACE, Improve...)
  2. Publisher's SAM Audio MP3 files, Kapitel 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  3. Publisher's In-Text Audio files for Kapitel 1-12

Study beyond the classroom with exercises that provide immediate feedback - Great for self-study (also see Dr. Böhlke's BEST LINKS page:

Links below include audio and much more:

  • LanguageGuide.ORG Huge collection of images with audio
  • Learn German with Deutsche Welle online language courses.  If necessary, choose your mother tongue in the pull down menu "language selector".  Choose "Grundstufe" (basic), "Mittelstufe" (intermediate), or Wirtschaftsdeutsch (business German).
  • American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) Supersite - German Resources On the Web (GROW) - links to many different topics of exercise.
  • Forum Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Database for finding online exercises.
  • Drehort Neubrandenburg (F. Lys - Northwestern) 1991 and 2002 videos with exercises about the former GDR or DDR (East Germany). Password and login available by contacting Dr. Böhlke in the HLRC.
  • Explore this remote site by Professor Rastalsky (U. of Michigan) for other useful resourcs:

Jump Stations/Collections of many organized links:

  1. Robert Shea's German Resources: Eine sehr große Sammlung.
  2. BBC Deutsche Links
  3. Hartmut's Bookmarks  Lange Liste interessanter Links
  4. Colonel Craig's WWW Links for German  Viele Links, nach Themen geordnet
  5. MetaGer  die Suchmaschine über deutschsprachige Suchmaschinen (Rechenzentrum Hannover)
  6. DINO - Suchmaschine speziell für Deutschland. Nach Kategorien geordnet.

German Grammar and Drill Exercises: and more!

  1. Learn German Pronunciation with linguistic explanations and Audio, Video, and Animation. The sounds of spoken language, U. of Iowa (NEW 2005)
  2. Conjuguemos. Online German vocabulary and grammar
  3.    "Deutsch üben im Internet" offers guided interaction with authentic German web-sites for intermediate and beginning students of German.  Students do all work on-line, including electronic submission of answers to their instructor. (7/99)
  11. CyberGerman Schreibprogramm


  1. This Dictionary contains more than 368.000 entries! PDA version available
  2. Internet Public Library Nachschlagebestand: German Ready Reference Collection 
  3. This Dictionary contains more than 368.000 entries! PDA version available
  4. = Ideal for typing in any verb form, especially irregular verbs and it will find the infinitive, e.g. 'sah' and it will find 'sehen'. NEW! in 2007
  5. Zungenbrecher / Tongue Twisters
  6. Uni Leipzig: Wörterbuch & Lexikon
  7. Glossaries for many topics. Excellent collection by Frank Dietz (Ph.D. & Translator).
  8. Das Quasselbuch Practice for Small Talk in German.
  9. Reference to Phrases / Redensarten

Bookmarks, most recent links on top: German online journal with current topics.
Rat für deutsche Rechtschreibung
. Read the new Aug. 2006 rules on German Spelling.
The European.EU  German online journal with current topics.
World War II - The internment of German American civilians
Landeskundliche Texte (cultural studies) - leicht zu lesen, von Hueber (10/01).
Der Information über Deutschland: Geographie etc.
Zitate über den Krieg (ZDF) Famous personalities about war (in German)
Das deutsche Literaturzentrum im Internet: Gutenberg  Read "70+ years old" German literature texts online (04/02).
Why study German? Materials and Reasons (Goethe Institut).
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Culture
Austrian National Tourist Office
    Provides information on where to go and what to do in Austria.
Austrian Foreign Policy
    New articles in English pertaining to Austria.
Tourist Information Salzburg: Home Page
Tourism Related Informations in Austria
German, Deutsch, Alemand
Labyrinth WWW Home Page
Germany / Facts - Figures
    In German and English, this site details various cultural and historical
German Internet Project: The Berlin Wall 1961-1989
    Provides access to texts, pictures, commentaries and videos about the
CDU Service HomePage
    Homepage for Germany's Christian Democratic Party.
    Information in German about AIDS and HIV.
    Homepage for Germany's Social Democratic Party (SPD).
Die Universität Passau
Stadt Trier.
19th-century German Lit Menu
Bahnverbindungen in Deutschland
Kino in und um Berlin
The WWW Virtual Library: German Subject Catalogue
WWW Servers in Germany: City List
Karte deutscher WWW-Server
External Links, German, Swansea
    Aus England. Excellente Links. Gut strukturiert.
Jump Stations Main Page
    Aus Canada. Links zu sehr vielen deutschen Sites.
Lixl-Purcell's German WWW Trails
VCU Trail Guide
    - Virginia Commonwealth Univ. Trail Guide to International Sites
    Übungen im Internet. Testen Sie Ihre Grammatikkenntisse.
WWW-Server in Deutschland (Germany)
Dieses Wörterbuch ist umgesetzt von Martin Hünkemeier
The Alternative German Dictionary
    German slang with English translations and usages.
Der Spiegel
Die Berliner TAZ
Willkommen bei BR-Online
Spektrum der Wissenschaft
SWF3 Homepage
Die Welt - Titelseite
Der Tagesspiegel
German News, Jahresübersicht
    News from the international pop world in German.
Basic MOO commands
Rockwood School, St. Louis
    German Students of the Rockwood School District in St. Louis
CH W3 Servers andURL directory for Switzerland
Global ScoutNet Main Index
Schaffhauser Nachrichten
Cultural Web Lists
    Dino Medien
Europa Homepage
    EUROPA is a common endeavour of the EU's institutions, run by the European
European Union Home Page

For Teachers:

Course Dr. Lixl, GER 216, German Civilization.

    American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages
    ComputerAssisted Language Instruction Consortium
Agora Language Marketplace
Germanistik Web Page
Goethe Institute Web site
Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections
    Suggestions on how you can use the Internet in teaching
Language Professional's Guide to WWW
    online article from CALICO Journal
List of Listservs
    American Association of Teachers of Germany