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The Dual-Immersion Project at MLL is part of the Virtual Dual-Immersion Project AUSJAL- AJCU Consortium, and uses video-conferencing technologies such as Skype and Elluminate to provide our students* (see bottom) real-time contact with native speakers from mainly Jesuit universities in Latin America. Our students collaborate in the HLRC (see Google calendar for schedule) with their Latin American partners to learn each other's language and culture. Other "" (Dickinson College) sessions, e.g. for German students, are also conducted in the HLRC. The program is currently expanding*(see bottom). 

Current and past partner universities include:
Ibero-León (León, Guanajato, Mexico)
Ibero-Puebla (Puebla, Mexico)
Ibero-Torreón (Universidad de Cohauila - Municipio de Torreón, Mexico)
PUCE (Quito, Ecuador), Dual-Immersion on PuceTV,
PUJ (Cali, Colombia),
UCA (Managua, Nicaragua),
UNAM - non AUSJAL participant (Mexico City, MX),
(Guatemala City, GT),
(Aguascalientes, MX - non AUSJAL participant).

1. Please watch the official sub-titled 2012 dual-immersion video via the AUSJAL webpage.
2. March 2013 "Ausjal al día" newsletter on Dual-Immersion AUSJAL-AJCU universities (AJCU participants: Marquette, Boston College, Creighton, Holy Cross, San Francisco, Loyola Maryland, Xavier University, Canisius College, Jhon Caroll, Fairfield y Santa Clara University).
3. Read in Spanish Carta de AUSJAL Vol.1 No.33 (2011), four-page article on pages 26-29. Creighton University is the second largest program! (Local PDF file).
4. More details about the entire dual-immersion project in Spanish.
5. Read about the project in English in the journal Connections, February 2010 Vol.10 No.6.

* Spring 2013: 300 Creighton students of Spanish and 11 CU students of German in 17 language classes in 61 Skype/Elluminate sessions, for a total of 1138 individual contacts!  French and Italian coming soon.
Fall 2012: 276 Creighton students of Spanish in 13 language classes in 43 Skype/Elluminate sessions, for a total of 884 individual contacts!
Spring 2012: 53 sessions were held with 275 Creighton students from 16 Spanish classes!
Fall 2011: Participation was: 246 students in 12 classes, totaling 40 Skype/Elluminate sessions.
Spring 2011:
56 sessions with 291 Creighton students from 15 Spanish classes, levels 102, 201, 202, 311, 312 and 313 participated.
Fall 2010: 165 CU students participated in many sessions - no specific data available at this time.
Spring 2010: Outside of class volunteer sessions with 25 students talking to URL in Guatemala City.
Spring 2009
: The first series of Skype sessions took place in 2009 with UNAM in Mexico City.

(Page updated: March 21, 2013)