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SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION TO THE GERMAN STUDIES MAJOR:  Completion of GER 202 or GER 303 with a grade of "C" or better.

NOTE: The new MAGIS CORE will count GER 225 for the major, starting in Fall 2015. Please talk to faculty about this.

The major in German Studies is composed of 27 semester hours, beginning with GER 303. The last section offers 4 classes from other departments that will be counted towards the 27 credits for the Major! Not a German Major yet, apply here and make an appointment with us.


Required Courses

9 credits

GER 303

German Literature and Civilization I

3 credits

GER 304

German Literature and Civilization II

3 credits

Six credits from each of the following two groups

12 credits

Group A: Cultural Studies

GER 321

German for Business and Economics

3 credits

GER 328

Studies in Contemporary German Culture:
The Last 25 Years

3 credits

GER 335



German Conversation
*this course may be repeated twice, for a maximum of 3 credits.

1 credit*



GER 495

Directed Independent Study

3 credits

GER 525

The New Berlin (E) (travel course)

3 credits

GER 568

The Multiplicity of German Culture

3 credits

Group B: Literature and Film

GER 411

Introduction to German Literature

3 credits

GER 493

Directed Independent Readings

3 credits

GER 527

German Literature of the 19th Century

3 credits

GER 529

Contemporary German Literature

3 credits

GER 545

German "Novelle":19th and 20th Centuries

3 credits

GER 572

Reading German Films (E)

3 credits

Six additional credits chosen from Groups A or B, or from the following cross-listed courses,
to make a total a 27 credits for the major.

6 credits

PLS 301

Western European Political Systems

3 credits

PLS 401

The European Union

3 credits

PHL 374

History of 19th Century Philosophy

3 credits

PHL 459


3 credits

Study Abroad
A minimum of 15 semester hours towards the major must be Creighton courses.