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SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION TO THE GERMAN STUDIES MAJOR:  Completion of GER 225 or GER 303 or GER 304 with a grade of "C" or better.

NOTE: The new MAGIS CORE will count GER 225 for the major, starting in Fall 2015. Please talk to faculty about this.

(German Program Brochure - Fact Sheet, PDF)

The major in German Studies is composed of 27 semester hours, beginning with GER 225. The last section offers 4 classes from other departments that will be counted towards the 27 credits for the Major! Not a German Major yet, apply here and make an appointment with us.


Required Courses

9 credits

GER 225

Intermediate German

3 credits

GER 303

German Literature and Civilization I

3 credits

GER 304

German Literature and Civilization II

3 credits

Six credits from each of the following two groups

12 credits

Group A: Cultural Studies

GER 321

German for Business and Economics

3 credits

GER 328

Studies in Contemporary German Culture:
The Last 25 Years

3 credits

GER 335



German Conversation
*this course may be repeated twice, for a maximum of 3 credits.

1 credit*



GER 495

Directed Independent Study

3 credits

GER 525

The New Berlin (E) (travel course)

3 credits

GER 568

The Multiplicity of German Culture

3 credits

Group B: Literature and Film

GER 411

Introduction to German Literature

3 credits

GER 493

Directed Independent Readings

3 credits

GER 527

German Literature of the 19th Century

3 credits

GER 529

Contemporary German Literature

3 credits

GER 545

German "Novelle":19th and 20th Centuries

3 credits

GER 572

Reading German Films (E)

3 credits

Six additional credits chosen from Groups A or B, or from the following cross-listed courses,
to make a total a 27 credits for the major.

6 credits

PLS 301

Western European Political Systems

3 credits

PLS 401

The European Union

3 credits

PHL 374

History of 19th Century Philosophy

3 credits

PHL 459


3 credits

Study Abroad
A minimum of 15 semester hours towards the major must be Creighton courses.