German & Technology

You are part of your own learning! Here is an overview.

Dear Student of German,

Many courses in the German Program use computer technology as part of the teaching to benefit the language learning process. The Beginning and Intermediate German courses use the publishers' website for audio and other interactive exercises. CALL, or Computer Assisted Language Learning, can enhance your language learning experience if you are willing to learn a few new tools to take advantage of what we offer. Here is a selected list of what we use and of what is available for self-study:

  • Some of our courses use Blueline (Classroom Management Software).
  • GER 111 (Dr. Böhlke) has most of its content on this public webpage.
  • GER 328  (Dr. Böhlke) uses many online authentic German audio and video sources.
  • The German section has developed a few online self-correcting interactive resources that will give you additional practice with grammar and language.(retired 2013)
  • As a Creighton student, you have free access to SCOLA TV, (ongoing free access while enrolled at Creighton)
  • Downoad iTunes and study this tutorial from Apple.  You can podcast authentic TV news from Germany. Visit the iTunes Store, search for "ZDF Logo", "Tagesschau" or "Heute Journal".

If you have questions, please contact your German instructor or Dr. Olaf Böhlke.