"The New Berlin"

Photos courtesy of Keith Petit, former student of German.

From an outdoor restaurant, students enjoy a view of the television
tower at Alexanderplatz.

The Gendarmenmarkt, one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin, is
dominated by the Schauspielhaus (now called the Konzerthaus Berlin), on the
left. The French Cathedral, right, houses the Huguenot Museum.

A view of the lake and Gothic library in the New Gardens, Potsdam.

The Spree River and the Friedrichstrasse station as seen from atop the
Reichstag Building.

St. Michael's Cathedral in Coventry, England, presented this statue to the Chapel of Reconciliation in Berlin on November 9, 1999. Entitled "Reconciliation," the statue depicts a young man and woman kneeling to embrace across a barrier. The German Luftwaffe bombed St. Michael's Cathedral in November 1940, killing 568 people; the parish, instead of demanding retribution after the war, accepted the German offer to help rebuild the church. Replicas of the statue are also found in the peace garden of Hiroshima and in Belfast.

The Chapel of Reconciliation was constructed at the site of the Versöhnungskirche (Church of Reconciliation), which had stood directly on the "death strip" of the Berlin Wall until East German officials had it blown up in 1985.

The famous "Fürstenzug" in Dresden, a mural 102 meters long and created with 25,000 Meißen porcellan tiles. The thirty-five larger-than-life figures depict a history of Saxony's rulers.

The Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz, just before the German premiere of
the hit film "Spiderman."

The spectacular Sony Center, Potsdamer Platz, at night.