Italian courses at Creighton

Italian can fulfill your language requirement at Creighton University (Italian 101 and 102).

Go to the Registrar site for the current Schedule of Courses and the Course Bulletin.

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures has implemented a Minor in Italian Studies. This program is designed to give students the opportunity to develop proficiency in the language, as well as understand Italian culture in various fields. Italy is not just a country whose ancient civilization and cultural movements, such as Humanism, Renaissance, and the Baroque influenced and permeated many countries in the world. It is also a mosaic of regional and cultural differences generated by the presence of peoples coming from other lands. Italy is currently opening up to embrace new cultural realities. The Minor in Italian studies aims to help students to recognize and appreciate not only traditional Italian culture, but also to negotiate cultural differences within Italy and Italian society.

The Minor in Italian is a great complementary program for students majoring in other modern languages, in Classics, the history of art, philosophy, music, cinema, business, Pre-Law, and the sciences.

For information about the Minor contact Dr. Maenza