Placement/Competency Exam

Placement and Competency Exam Information

Exam to Place into a Language (French/German/Spanish):

If you are continuing on in French, German, or Spanish from high school, you should start by taking the placement exam; see instructions here.  The placement exam is completed online.

Exam to Test out of a Language (French/German/Spanish):

If you would like to test out of the language requirement in French, German, or Spanish, you can take the competency exam.  The competency exam must be taken in person. It will be offered during Summer Preview Days on Monday or Thursday at 3:00 pm in Hitchcock 108. Please RSVP to reserve your spot. After summer preview, testing can be arranged on an individual basis; please contact Ms. Verleen Unruh at 402-280-2508 or 402-280-2884.

Placing into/Testing out of Other Languages offered in the MLL Department (Chinese/Italian/Japanese):

If you plan to take Chinese, Italian, or Japanese, the professor of that language can assist you; alternatively, they can also work with you on a competency exam.

Placing Into/Testing out of Languages NOT offered in the MLL Department:

If you are fluent in a language not listed above and want to test out of the requirement,  you will need to do this through the College of Arts and Sciences Deanís Office.