Philosophy Major Programs

Updated April 23, 2015

 Philosophy Major Programs

Creighton University Department of Philosophy

The Creighton University Department of Philosophy is committed to teaching and scholarship in both the history and problems of philosophy: students must be educated in both in order to grasp the traditions and complexities of their world. Students may complete the B. A., Major in Philosophy, program with or without a specialization in ethics. Upon completion of the major program, all students will fulfill each of the following learning objectives:

1. Philosophical Knowledge
a. Knowledge of the History of Philosophy: Students will analyze and evaluate the ideas and arguments of some major philosophers of the past in the context of the history of philosophy in which those ideas and arguments developed.
b. Knowledge of the Problems of Philosophy: Students will analyze and evaluate contrasting approaches to some fundamental problems in philosophy.

2. Philosophical Skills: Students will formulate and defend a position on a philosophical issue on their own.
Philosophical Virtues: Students will express the virtues of humility, respectfulness, good judgment, courage and perseverance in their written work.

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You can view or download the program listing for B. A., Major in Philosophy  (36 credits) and B. A., Major in Philosophy with Specialization in Ethics (36 credits) here.  Future course offerings can be found here.

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