Graduate Students

Admission Requirements

Our program is open to any college graduate who has an interest in international relations. It is recommended, but not required, that prospective students have taken twenty-four hours of undergraduate work in social science including fundamentals of economics, a survey course in history, and introductory political science.


An on-line seminar in international politics (INR 602) is now available.  Those interested in the on-line seminar should contact Dr. Terry Clark

The graduate program in International Relations seeks to develop and strengthen the analytical skills pertinent to the rapidly changing contemporary international arena. In so doing, it aims to make students conversant with the concepts and vocabulary associated with national-level strategic thinking in both the policy and intelligence communities and international business. It further seeks to contribute to the development of competence in dealing with the challenges presented by national diversity within the context of growing global interdependence.

Creighton University's Master of Arts in International Relations is an interdisciplinary degree designed for those seeking advancement or entry into intelligence, the military, foreign service, education, journalism, non-governmental organizations, and international business. The degree also lays the foundation for further graduate study leading to the Ph.D. at other institutions.

Creighton University's national reputation for excellence in education is based on its faculty, personal attention given to students, and flexible program design. Candidates for the Master of Arts in International Relations benefit from outstanding faculty in economics, history, law, and political science. Utilizing the diverse theoretical frameworks in these fields, students and faculty address contemporary issues of international co-operation and conflict, conflict management, political and economic development and change, international integration, security policy, foreign policy, and area studies.

Most courses are taught as small seminars stressing faculty-student interaction. Independent reading of key materials prepares students for intensive and critical discussion of their implications for contemporary issues. By building a core capacity in each discipline, by developing additional expertise through the remaining course work, and by mastering research methods, each student will be prepared to develop an independent research project and defend a Masters thesis.  The program offers a track in Research Design and Analysis (RDA) that focuses on research methods.

The program is sensitive to the mobility demands placed on the modern military. Readings courses and thesis work can be accomplished by e-mail. Full-time students can complete their course of studies in eighteen months. Part-time students can complete degree requirements within three to four years.