Research Design and Analysis (RDA)

THE TRACK IN RESEARCH DESIGN AND ANALYSIS (RDA) within the graduate program in international relations (INR)

The track in Research Design and Analysis (RDA) is designed to prepare students to  meet the burgeoning demand for hard analytical skills in business, government, and the non-profit sector.  Graduates of the new track will be able to marry appropriate analytical tools and methods to real world data in order to answer research questions.  The requirements for the track in RDA are as follows.

General Core: Completion of the following.

  • RDA 790 Seminar in International Relations Research Methods

Skill Courses: Completion of all of the following.

  • RDA 520 Math Fundamentals
  • RDA 525 Computer Applications
  • RDA 530 Advanced Statistics
  • RDA 535 Games and Models

Practicum: Three courses from the following

  • RDA 590 Research Colloquium
  • RDA 792 Internship (can not be repeated for credit)
  • RDA 793 Directed Independent Readings
  • RDA 795 Directed Independent Studies
  • RDA 797 Directed Independent Research
  • RDA 798 Research Paper

Research Presentation: Completion of the following, which must result in a paper presented at an academic conference.

  • RDA 798 Research Paper

Thesis: Completion of six hours of thesis work. Work will be chaired by a three-person committee.

  • INR 799 Thesis