Four Year Model Program

Four-Year Model Program for PLS Students

This is a four year schedule for a student entering Creighton under the Core Curriculum introduced in 1993. The courses listed cover 122 of the 128 credit hours required for graduation. This schedule is not meant to rigidly prescribe a sequence; it only suggests a typical plan of study. Students should speak with a faculty advisor in the department to develop an individual plan that best meets student needs.

First Year Fall

  • PLS121 American Government & Politics*
  • ENG150 Rhetoric and Composition
  • HIS100 Modern Western World
  • --- Foreign Language/Elective

First Year Spring

  • PLS215 Comparative Political Systems or PHL107 Western Philosophy
  • COM152 Communications Strategies
  • THL100 Religious Inquiry
  • --- Foreign Language/Elective

Second Year Fall

  • ENG120 World Literature I
  • HIS1__ Non-Western History
  • PLS215 Comparative Political System or PHL107 Western Philosophy
  • PLS___ Political Science Area Course Social Science Group (non-PLS)
  • PLS310

Second Year Spring

  • ENG121 World Literature II
  • THL2__ Scripture Group
  • NSC Natural Science Area Group
  • PHL/THL Ethics or elective
  • Political Science Research Methods

Third Year Fall

  • ____ International Global**
  • THL3__ Christian Theology Group
  • PLS___ Political Science Area Course
  • Support Course/Political Science Area Course
  • PHL/THL Ethics or Support Course for Major

Third Year Spring

  • PLS310 Political Science Area Course
  • PLS___ Political Science Area Course
  • Supporting Area Course
  • PHL God and Persons
  • Elective/Support Course

Fourth Year Fall

  • PLS491 Senior Research
  • PLS___ Political Science Area Course
  • Support Area Course
  • Elective/Senior Perspective
  • Elective

Fourth Year Spring

  • PLS___ Political Science Area/Elective
  • PLS__ Political Science Area Course
  • Support Area Course
  • Elective/Senior Perspective
  • Elective

We encourage students to study abroad. The best time for a political science major to study abroad is the fall of their junior year. Students seeking to spend an entire year abroad must arrange their schedules to take PLS310 Political Science Research Methods as a sophomore. Research Methods is a prerequisite to PLS591 Senior Research Seminar and successful completion of the senior research project requires the background conveyed in PLS310. The PLS310 prerequisite for PLS591 is not routinely waived. Students planning the Legal Studies and Public Policy specializations must begin the required upper level courses by the fall of their junior year. Otherwise, it may be impossible to complete the entire sequence within four years.

* = International Studies Majors should take PLS105 Introduction to World Politics.

** = If taken in political science, the students meet both a requirement of the major and the general education program.