INR Major

International Relations Major Program

The following are the requirements for the International Relations Major Program.

General Course Core

Completion of all of the following:

  • PLS105 Introduction to World Politics
  • PLS121 American Government and Politics
  • PLS215 Comparative Political Systems
  • PLS310 Political Science Research Methods
  • PLS340 International Politics
  • PLS591 Senior Research Seminar in Political Science

International Relations

Completion of any two of the following courses in international politics above the 300 level.

  • PLS345 International Political Economy
  • PLS347 International Regimes
  • PLS435 Global Poverty and Development
  • PLS472 International Conflict 

Comparative Politics

Completion of four courses (12 credits) from the following:

  • PLS301 Western European Political Systems
  • PLS303 Politics of Russia and the USSR Successor States
  • PLS305 Eastern European Political Systems
  • PLS313 Politics of the Middle East
  • PLS315 Politics of Asia
  • PLS316 Government & Politics of the People's Republic of China
  • PLS317 Latin American Government and Politics
  • PLS319 Politics of the Developing Areas
  • PLS341 Issues & Challenges to American Foreign Policy
  • PLS342 Foreign Policy & Diplomacy of Major Powers
  • PLS343 National Security & Strategic Studies
  • PLS345 International Political Economy
  • PLS347 International Regimes
  • PLS401 The European Union
  • PLS405 Ethnicity, Nationalism & Democracy
  • PLS407 Revolutions & Revolutionary Movements
  • PLS410 Seminar on Comparative Politics
  • PLS411 Politics of Asia
  • PLS435 Global Poverty & Development
  • PLS440 Seminar on International Studies
  • PLS472 International Conflict
  • PLS481 Poverty, Development & Public Policy
  • PLS510 The New Institutionalism
  • PLS537 International Law

*Students beginning this major in their sophomore year should substitute an upper-level political science course for this requirement.

Requisite courses for International Relations Major: ECO203 & ECO205.  Mastery of a modern language is strongly urged for students pursuing the INR program.