PLS_INR Course List

Political Science and International Relations Courses

Core Courses

  • PLS105 Introduction to World Politics
  • PLS121 American Government and Politics
  • PLS215 Comparative Political Systems
  • PLS310 Political Science Research Methods
  • PLS591 Senior Research Seminar

American Government and Politics

  • PLS235 Interest Group Politics
  • PLS320 Judicial Process
  • PLS322 American Presidency*
  • PLS323 Campaign Management*
  • PLS324 Legislative Process
  • PLS325 American States and Regions
  • PLS326 Governing Metropolitan Areas
  • PLS327 Minority Politics in America
  • PLS328 Mass Media and American Politics
  • PLS329 Gender and Politics
  • PLS331 Managing the Public and non-profit Sectors*
  • PLS420 Seminar on American Politics
  • PLS421 Public Opinion, Political Behavior and Survey Research
  • PLS437 Religion and Public Life in the U.S.
  • PLS465 Faith and Political Action
  • PLS482 Race in America: Idea and Reality

Comparative Politics

  • PLS301 Western European Political Systems*
  • PLS302 Contemporary British Politics
  • PLS303 Russia and the Successor States
  • PLS305 Eastern European Political Systems
  • PLS313 Politics of Middle East
  • PLS314 The Arc of Conflict
  • PLS315 Politics of Asia
  • PLS316 Government & Politics of the People's Republic of China
  • PLS317 Latin American Government & Politics
  • PLS319 Politics of Developing Areas*
  • PLS401 The European Union
  • PLS405 Nationalism, Ethnicity & Democracy*
  • PLS405 Revolutions & Revolutionary Movements
  • PLS410 Seminar on Comparative Politics
  • PLS411 Politics of Africa
  • PLS435 Global Poverty & Development
  • PLS465 Faith & Political Action
  • PLS468 Christianity & Power: A Russian Case Study
  • PLS481 Poverty, Development & Public Policy
  • PLS510 The New Institutionalism

International Relations

  • PLS340 International Politics*
  • PLS341 Issues & Challenges in American Foreign Policy
  • PLS342 Foreign Policy & Diplomacy of Major Powers
  • PLS343 National Security and Strategic Studies
  • PLS345 International Political Economy
  • PLS347 International Regimes
  • PLS435 Global Poverty & Development
  • PLS440 Seminar on International Studies
  • PLS444 Nonviolence & Peaceful Resolution of Conflict
  • PLS472 International Conflict*
  • PLS537 International Law

Political Philosophy and Theory

  • PLS357 Alternative Political Futures
  • PLS360 Liberal Democracy & Its Critics
  • PLS362 Conservative Political Philosophy
  • PLS365 Classics of Political Thought (PHL365)
  • PLS367 Theory of Law*
  • PLS432 Democrative Theory
  • PLS459 Marxism
  • PLS461 Contemporary Political Theory
  • PLS463 Game Theory & Social Choice
  • PLS510 The New Institutionalism

Public Policy and Law

  • PLS333 Environmental Politics & Policy (Same as EVS333)
  • PLS334 Public Policy of Health Care
  • PLS335 Federal Indian Policy & Law
  • PLS337 Constitutional Law*
  • PLS339 Public Policy & Poverty in the United States
  • PLS356 Constitutional Issues 
  • PLS372 Equality, Minorities & Public Policy
  • PLS433 Public Policy Analysis*
  • PLS435 Global Poverty & Development
  • PLS436 Politics & Ethics of Science and Technology
  • PLS437 Religion and Public Life in America
  • PLS438 Contemporary Issues in Civil Liberties
  • PLS481 Poverty, Development and Public Policy 


  • PLS101 Introduction of Politics (Does not count toward major)
  • PLS483 Public Affairs Internship*
  • PLS485 Practicum in the United Nations
  • PLS490 Advanced Research Practicum

Senior Perspective Courses

  • SRP436 Politics of Science & Technology
  • SRP444 Non-Violence & Peaceful Resolution of Conflict
  • SRP465 Faith and Political Action
  • SRP481 Poverty, Development & Public Policy
  • PLS488 Senior Colloquium in Political Science (defined by topic area)

*Particularly recommended course